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Lookup volunteers are the actual authors or copyright owners of a publication, or they are people who use primary source documentation, with written permission from the author or copyright holder.

Information given to the Lookup Volunteer must include the Name of the Book in the first line of your e-mail message, and be limited to one name, or two, if you are seeking a married couple. e.g.,

"Nga Moteatea", Takangaroa (f.a), and Te Hau (m) - Te Rarawa (tribe).

If you are requesting a lookup via post, please send an International Reply Coupon available from your nearest Post Office with return postage costs, and a Self-Addressed, A4 (8" x 11") envelope to the Lookup Volunteer.

The information received from the Lookup Volunteer is minimal. For example - confirmation that a name appears on a list, or in a publication, or that a name appears in a cemetery list with the headstone date. Should the book prove useful, the author's address and ordering information is given - if the book is not out of print. Lookups are subject to international Copyright Laws.

Reference Material Volunteer
Health Services School Burnham Military Camp, New Zealand

Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corp Museum 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force Nominal rolls 1939-1948

David McLuckie
1996 Edition of Elections (8th)

Index to New Zealand Places and Streets, gives the local authority and electorate, as well as map references.

Diana Austring - Waiheke Island, New Zealand
To obtain full burial/headstone details, note the names and plot numbers and post a request with $NZ 1.40 of postage stamps for EACH PLOT, and a large SAE to: Diane Wilson, PO Box 74-212, Market Rd, Auckland, NZ.
'NZ Shipwrecks 1795-1982' by C. W. N. Ingram. It details vessels (inc trawlers etc) wrecked on NZ coast. Please also see: AGWeb NZ
All the names from the books; 'Auckland Journals of Vicesimus Lush' Lush's Auckland journal contains more society & professional people.
Recipients of the NZ Cross (1800's)
PASSENGER LISTS: (Most of which are disembarkation ports)

Ships bound for Waipu:

  • 'Gertrude' Scotland to Auckland arr Dec 1856
  • 'Spray' Scotland to Auckland Arr 1857
  • 'Breadalbane 'Scotland to Auckland Arr May 1858
  • 'Ellen Lewis', Scotland to Auckland Arr 1860
Helen Cormack, Manawatu.