There are several regional sites that are available for adoption. If you would like to join this project, please contact the Country Coordinator and include the name of the region you are interested in adopting.

The New ZealandGenWeb Project maintains very high standards in page creation, site management, and overall quality of presentation for all associated project pages. The New ZealandGenWeb Project encourages freedom of expression, national cultural uniqueness and individual creativity by project hosts in the actual design of their pages. Certain elements are required, however, to help maintain the cohesiveness of the project.

The WorldGenWeb Logo and Name must be present on the New ZealandGenWeb homepage and on the region websites as well as all special projects. Logos may be found by Clicking Here.

All New ZealandGenWeb Project sites share the same alpha-neumonic name and all projects must conform to this standard. The project name is The New ZealandGenWeb Project. region pages follow this same example: Auckland, New ZealandGenWeb Project

Region websites must contain a link to the New ZealandGenWeb website ( with one of the following New ZealandGenWeb Logo buttons.

The New ZealandGenWeb website and the region websites must contain a link to The OceaniaGenWeb Project website located at This logo button may be used, but is not required.

Non-Commercial Status: The New ZealandGenWeb Project is a non-commercial entity. The New ZealandGenWeb Project is dedicated to the concept of free exchange of public-domain records via the internet. As such we do not charge for the resources available through our pages. We may link to commercial websites however that does not imply that we endorse their services.

Copyright: The New ZealandGenWeb Project encourages the collection and publication of non-copyrighted materials online by hosts. The New ZealandGenWeb Project will not pay royalties to any organization or institution. Therefore, we stipulate that all materials placed online at any project website be free from copyright infringement.

The New ZealandGenWeb Project functions as a national resource center. Volunteers for any regional website within the New ZealandGenWeb should seek to provide these additional services:  

  • Query Pages
  • Mailing Lists
  • Lookup Resources
  • Family Association Website Links

The New ZealandGenWeb Project endeavors to maintain that all materials collected through associated project websites will not be distributed commercially. Regional coordinators and project volunteers work on the honor system and we "assume" that materials placed online are free from any copyright infringement and that they will not be sold or republished in any form.

Individual's who submit data to any website are free to include the word "private" in place of any records or dates. This does dilute the value of the record submitted but we wholeheartedly support the privacy rights of the individual.

Each coordinator will maintain a method for researchers to post queries. The coordinator may choose to administrate a query page/bulletin board system or they may choose to provide a link to an existing message board related to their region.

The coordinator is free to choose a system/method which works best for their project web site.

Region sites will maintain a link to the WorldGenWeb Project Archives.

These policies are an adaptation of the policies of the OceaniaGenWeb Project located at and the polices of the WorldGenWeb Project located a These policies are the requirements for a New ZealandGenWeb Project, each coordinator is responsible for reviewing the above websites to ensure they are in compliance with the WorldGenWeb and iukgenweb policies. These Guidelines and Policies were last updated on 28 September 2014.

Disclaimer: The New ZealandGenWeb Project does not guarantee the authenticity or source of any collected material place online at project websites and is to be held free and indomitable from any and all liabilities based on such materials. The New ZealandGenWeb will remove any materials found to be in violation of all U.S. Copy Right Laws and statutes.